Friday, September 9, 2011

Good day!

My 21 day habit is still going strong on the food tracking side.  The exercise component got put to the side with little man coming home and classes/homework.  I'm happy that I am just watching what I eat.  I do get exercise but not in the same way I was before.  I walk to class and most days go on a walk with LM.  I would love to be back on the elliptical but kids come first.

I tried out a local gym that has a kid's room but the people there were very pushy to try and get me to sign up for things that I cannot afford to spend money on.  It was very rude and they will not be getting my business no matter how nice the facility was.

I am getting back to being 100% health wise.  I still have some sort of cough but I can breath much better and the sinus pain is gone.

Classes are going well.  So far I'm doing great at keeping on top of everything.  I really like all my classes this semester.

I have one more class for the day then LM and I will probably be taking a walk around campus.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  God is so good!!  A few days ago I checked my mail and I had received a letter from one of the professors on campus.  I do not know the professor, nor have I had him.  Inside the letter basically said I've heard you are having a rough time and some friends wanted to encourage you.  Hope this love gift helps in some way.  So glad God brought you to this university.  WOW!  It was exactly what I needed at that time!  God knows what we need.  He listens to us and encourages us so much.  I had been thinking is this really where I am meant to be.  I have three and a half years left before I get my degree and I've already been in school for three years.  It was very hard to think about it like that.  College is great but I don't want to be here forever studying.  That card helped me to see that yes God did bring me here and I am meant to be here.

Also since I'm very unsure of where I am being called in terms of a major, I am going to be getting some counseling in regards to this.  I am looking forward to any insight that comes.  Mary Kay is still my business and I love it however I am prayerfully wondering if it is my life career or a season one.  We shall see what God has to say in the coming months and years :-)


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