Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Three

So far on my journey to a healthier me I am at 23 pounds lost.  Woohoo!

I have over 35 days in a row of logging in to my fitness pal.  This site is incredible.  Plus there is a handy little app for my phone and I can scan the foods for easy input!

Today I got back to mister elliptical in the first time in weeks.  With little man visiting his dad it made it possible to go.  The workout felt amazing.  I rocked it out to the tune of 45 minutes!

I am learning to make better choices and I am limiting the amount of bad stuff I allow into my house.

This past week (or maybe this week since its still Saturday, not sure), I used my lovely crockpot THREE times!  It was so easy!  A bonus was the leftover that are in the freezer!

In the coming days I shall be posting about the low-calorie crockpot recipes I tried out.  :-)

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