Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bible College :-D

Moving south and going for a degree in bible and missions are all God's doing!

I'll start at the beginning!  Which is always a great place to start!

Right around thanksgiving, I had some conversations with some people that left me puzzled.  I spent that weekend in prayer and reading.  I felt called to apply to a bible college down south.  I figured I would not get in.  Honestly I truly thought it was just a test to see if I could follow God's call.  Just a simple test to apply and then move on...

Well of course God had different plans!

One step back, I applied late.  The deadline was December first to be considered for the spring semester.  All of my paperwork was not in until mid-December.  Another reason I felt I would not get in.

Shortly before Christmas I received the news that I had been accepted!  They had a place for me to live with my son and everything just fell right into place.  Any door that needed opened was opened and any that needed closed was closed.  It was such a God thing!

The transition has been tough.  Little man doesn't know what to think but overall God is looking out for us during this time of adjusting!

Currently I am sick with the flu, which I got from LM.  He is still coughing but is doing much better.  No more fever for him! woohoo!!!

We love our little, cute house!  Having a roof over our heads is priceless...yet we take it for granted far too often.


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello dear friends!  I am back after a 5 month hiatus!

My life has changed quite a bit in the past five months but one thing has remained constant, God taking care of me!  I am currently 350 miles south of my Indiana home in my new home in Tennessee.  I have my own business with Mary Kay.  Little man is now two!  I am going to school for a degree in bible and missions.  I care deeply for the children of the world without family to care for them and give them hugs.  I know I am where God wants me to be right now.

Enjoy the quick update for now!  Expanding on each new adventure in the coming days!