Monday, September 26, 2011

Helping Others

I am loving my classes this semester!  They are all very interesting and thought provoking.  It is so nice to have classes that relate to life and have a purpose.

For my course in Missions and Evangelism, we are doing an evangelism practicum.  No this does not mean we are to go out to the streets and hand out gospel tracts.  It is about building relationships with others so we can then share our story about how God found led us to Him.

The teacher did not leave us hanging for places to go.  He had several different organizations come in telling us about their work and how we could help.  The vast majority were youth centered.  I do not mind youth but I would rather not have to work with them if there is another option.  While it was beginning to look like that would be the only thing that would fit into my schedule.  Boy was I wrong!  God brought a speaker in just at the right time to rip my heart open . . .  Teaching English pronunciation to international students and sharing about Jesus!  These are adults who have come from places like China and Korea to study in the States.  They are smart brilliant people, most are doing doctorate work at a local university.  Well I qualify!  I speak English and know our customs!

I was not able to go last week because little man and I were just not feeling up to it and honestly I wanted to check it out before he came.

It was amazing!  Before I left I was praying this would be a fun and good experience for me.  It was more than I could have ever imagined!  I cannot wait to go back!  The students are so kind and really have a desire to learn!

Now is this were I will end up, helping international students with English?  I honestly do not know but I like the possibility of it :-)  I will continue to pray and would love other's prayers as well about it.  My school does have a program for ESL/EFL Education so it could happen!

I mostly watched while I was there to see how things go.  The lady I got to know is from Korea and it was so fun to learn about her and the culture.  She is so friendly and opened up a lot.

I'll definitely be updating more about this experience!


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