Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Man Monday

To make up for the LMMs I've missed here is an extended edition :-) Enjoy!

Taken November 1, 2008
Just over 3 years ago

Taken November 29, 2008
Little Man at a few days old

Taken November 21, 2009
LM at one year old

Taken October 19, 2010
LM at almost two years old

Taken November 12, 2011
LM at almost 3 years old

Thursday, November 17, 2011

90 days

"You have logged in for 90 days in a row!"

This is what I saw when I logged my breakfast this morning :-D

Not going to lie, I'm proud of this.  Have they all been good days?  Nope not a chance but it is a slow change and I'm working on it.

My exercise has pretty much fallen to the wayside and I'm working to get back into the habit.  Some of my neighbors and I got together to workout at the women's only area on campus.  It was good working out with others and I enjoyed the fellowship however I do not think I'll be doing that equipment again.  I believe I have planter fasciitis.  I could barely walk all day Tuesday due to the pain I was in.  Not fun is an understatement.  It honestly felt like my heal was cracked and I would not like to experience that again if at all possible.  I've had the pain before but never to that degree.

Last night I finally got back on my "friend".  My 21 day habit forming did not happen however I will get up and try again!  I hadn't been to work out on my friend in months but it was great to be back.  I rocked it to the sound of 45 minutes and 270 calories later!

It is a daily battle not to eat all day or to sit around and not get my body moving.  I'm working on leaning on the Lord for my needs because I know He will lead me through.  He wants me to be at my best...even if that means tough times of working on my health and mind.  His grace is sufficient in all things!