Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a Week

This past week I worked hard for the first time in a long while. I work in a refrigerator basically. It's about 38 degrees and we repackage products. It was cold and the work was, well factory work. Standing on your feet all day in steel-toe boots. But at least it will bring in a paycheck.

I've been struggling this week in getting life and work to fit together. I slept A LOT this week. Working a new shift will do that to ya. Because of this new work schedule I have to miss the single mom small group I was a part of. That isn't so great.

The language at work is hard to deal with. I know I will never be able to escape it but man its hard! When hearing the words all day (well really afternoon/evening since its second shift), its easy to use them when you drop something or whatnot. One thing that has been really helping is watching what I put into my head.

I listen to christian music again and that's all I listen to. It helps to have those songs about grace and God's love running through my head. They make it easier to ignore the bad language.

Little man was sick pretty much all week. His fever started on Tuesday evening. Friday morning I was to take him to the doctor for an appointment and we ended up calling 911 on the way there because his hands were turning purple as were his lips. It was very scary. So Friday morning brought us to the ER, where they did a chest x-ray and said he has pneumonia. So he has to take medicine for ten days and hopefully that will take care of it. I was not looking forward to going in to work at three on Friday because I didn't want to leave my baby. He stays with my mom while I'm at work but still I miss him. Work let me go home early when they found out about the rough day I had. That was really nice. This weekend has consisted of catching up on sleep and cuddling my baby boy. He is doing a bit better but still has had a little fever today.

Can't forget to change my clocks for the daylight savings switch.

This week I also followed the Kenya bloggers through Compassion International. Wow. What an experience these people had. Being able to see and read about their journey was incredible. A little back story: Back in high school I decided I needed to sponsor a child. I had no idea what it meant to sponsor a child. I ended up not doing it for very long (I am truly sorry for the little girl I let down) because I was a poor high school student who wanted to spend her money on things she felt she "needed"...

A must read post

Having the love of God in my heart once again, I realize how truly blessed I am. I may not have a lot and money may be tight but He, the One who died on the cross for me, He gives me what I need. We are going to be sponsoring and loving a little boy from Kenya. I decided on Kenya because it had the most need for children being sponsored. At first I wanted to have a child with the same birth date as mine but then felt called to go a different route. Filemon Omondi is now a part of my heart and family! He has the biggest smile on his face and I love that! I can't wait to receive my sponsorship packet and have his picture and get to send him letters!

God is so good. Even when times are rough we can always lean on Him.

I have been limiting my facebook time here lately. It is not a good thing to be in allllll the time. I enjoy seeing my friend's pictures and updates but the negativity on there is outrageous. Call me what you like but I am working on getting to the spot God wants me to be.

Today little man and I watched LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. It was about temptation. They portrayed it so well. Temptation gets the best of everyone. You cannot go a day without encountering it. With God's strength we can overcome it though! I am striving to be more Godly. I know it is a difficult path to go down and the devil will be throwing things my way like crazy to try to knock me off but I have my mind set.

The devil can leave me and my son alone. We know the truth and strive to follow God!

Prayer requests:
-Little man's health
-Being strong in the Lord, even at work
-my sister
-mom and dad's Walk

~I have a job!
~support of my family
~God's love

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Changes are everywhere. Some are little and some are big.

I have another job. It is much better days and stability. They won't be changing my schedule every other week like the other. Its shift work and in a factory but it is full time and decent money. It works better for my family and everyone.

I can still attend church every Sunday which makes me happy! But sadly I have to miss my single mom's small group. MOPS is in the morning so I can still do that too!

I believe God helped out in this part of my life greatly. Without Him I'd be in an awful spot I'm sure! He is amazing.

I'm not feeling the writing bug right now so I will come back later and write more about this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm in a bad spot. It doesn't have to do with the job, that is going alright. I'll touch more on the job in a sec. I can't shake this feeling I have. I am having so many doubts and when I try to find someone to talk to they were busy. I didn't make it to small group tonight which made me mad. I hate this. it just needs to go away and leave me alone. I want to be God's light and although I know times will be hard He can make them great.

The job is fine. Lots of drama and I'm over that already but its money coming in.

Someone please help

I'm making myself go to MOPS tomorrow. I know I need the fellowship. I just hope they will watch little man. I don't have anyone to watch him like I used to.

Is it okay to let go of a friendship for spiritual reasons?

Monday, March 1, 2010


We are the light of this world.

Stop looking back and take in the now.

God loves me and made me special.

My body is the temple for His greatness to shine through.