Friday, May 28, 2010


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Friday, May 21, 2010

a break

Not that many read this blog but I wanted to state for the eyes of the world to see that I am taking a break from most technology. I say most because my phone is a must since I do not have a land line.

No more facebook checking every hour.

No more reading countless blogs all day long.

No more constantly refreshing the email.

God is calling me...and I'm not wanting to listen because of these things. They occupy my time WAY more than they should. I need to get closer to Him. I need to give myself completely to Him.

I may still blog, we shall see.

It will not be easy, this I am sure. But I know it will be worth it.


Monday, May 17, 2010

just have faith

God says for us to simply have faith in Him. Not money, not stuff, nothing but faith in Him.

That is not an easy thing. We are to be disciples and help to bring in the harvest! There will be persecution for us along the way as followers of Christ Jesus. Family, friends, the church . . . they may not understand. But we have a job to do while we are on this earth for this short time. Our treasure is in Heaven. Earth is just a pit stop or a camping ground along the way.

With HIS strength and HIS love we can pick up the cross and go to the lost, poor, and sick.

That is what God calls us to do as Christians. We are to go to the lost, the ones who do not know Christ. We are to help the poor, he gave us the resources so we need to use them to better HIS kingdom. NOT use them for more stuff! We need to help the sick, thousands die from malnutrition and PREVENTABLE diseases every day! So not cool.

It will seem like we have dove off the deep end to this secular world but God has plans for us. We love Him supremely and it will all work out.

Who did Jesus hang out with during His time on earth? The rich, religious pharisees? NO!!!!! He was with the prostitutes, tax collectors, sinners.

We need to live like Jesus.

Are we going to choose comfort or a cross? It is easy to choose comfort. We can turn the channel on our big screens so we don't have to see the suffering. We can simply not drive to that part of town that has poverty. We go on about our lives with stuff, stuff, and more stuff. A cross will not be easy. A cross will lead to persecution from the ones we love. It could even led to death. BUT we are already dead to this world if we are doing the will of Christ! Our treasure is not here! We are here only a short time.

I know I would much rather live for God for all its worth here and bring people to Him now than to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of this world and spend an eternity in damnation. Yes the road won't be painless but it is worth it when you look at the big picture.

If God is in your heart it won't feel like sacrificing or giving up the extra things in life, all the stuff we have. It will be giving to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in great need.

It is easy to go to God and ask, "Why all the suffering in this world? Why do You allow so much poverty, unfairness, hurt, and inequality?" I bet He would ask us the same thing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

give me Your eyes

If you only have one dollar to your name and are starving and standing outside McDonald's praying to God to take your starvation away, open your eyes! God gave you that dollar so go eat!

Heard this from a very good friend. Although God does have the power to heal, move, and fix us, sometimes He provides in other ways. So we need to open our eyes a little bit more.

Danny, our pastor at church, described our viewpoint verses God's viewpoint very well. You can check out the sermon here. Take a look through a paper towel roll. You can't really see much at all. That is how we see the world around us without prayer and without God in our life. Now imagine a fifty gallon container with the bottom cut out. Put that up to your eyes. You can see a LOT more! This is what happens for those who pray for God's view. It is like God's view of the world (His is unlimited of course but this is a good way to actually picture the difference). God can see the big picture. We may be asking for a snake and not even know it, but God does know. ~Luke 11:11-13~ This is why he doesn't give us everything. He knows the egg we are praying for and demanding is really a scorpion. Danny spoke on this as well, just click here.

It is so amazing how much you can see and hear God when you simply listen and be still, taking the time to look. He has really shown Himself to me the past few days. But I can also see the devil trying to tear us apart. Bad news mister devil, you ain't breaking us up! I love the Lord!

My little sister is amazing, as I've said before. She feels God moving her but she isn't sure how He is going to use her for this awesome thing she knows is gonna happen. She is twelve! Her faith is such an inspiration. After church on Sunday we stopped in to talk to the middle school minister, Kenny. He is so cool! He helped her out a lot and even helped me! He wasn't speaking "to" me but God sure was :-)

God's will and the will of the world are a hard thing to mix together. It is a constant battle to figure out. We can't sit on our behinds and wait for jobs or schooling or spouses. God gave us choices. We have to start down a path, any path and He will help us along. Maybe you are unsure of a choice (I know I sure am) but sitting around waiting for something to drop from the sky isn't an option.

So having had that in my mind, I am going back to school in the fall or maybe even this summer! I've been praying A LOT about what God's will is for my life. I know I am meant to be a mom but since I am single, it is not possible to sit at home all the time with little man. We need income to support us.

I've always been good in math and science, it's how my brian is wired. Therefore I am going to be going to school for accounting! I feel at peace with the decision and know God is all I need to get through this! Plus my mom is happy I'm getting my behind in gear again.

Little man has NOT had a fever again! I am so thankful for all the prayers! He is almost eighteen months old! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Where has the last year and a half gone?! He amazes me more and more everyday. I am so thankful to God for the blessing He gave me in little man. Here are some pictures :-)

He is so handsome.

He looks great in hats!

Most recent of us.

Although I was caught up in the problems life has been giving, the ball is in motion to get the moms group set up! Thanks to a great friend for being there to remind me about it! Hopefully we can start in June.

Putting your faith and trust in God seems easy enough but it is not so easy in this messed up world we live in. We have to be in constant communication with the Lord so that we can stay in His will.

I just love Him so much! He blesses us in so many ways!

Love through Christ,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baseball Gloves

My little man is doing better. I was very glad to have him home and I know he was happy to have momma. He wouldn't let me put him down for a second.

Life is going alright. God is in control so I don't have to worry much. I am going to be helping my sister finish up the school year. Sort of like a tutor. Works for me because mom and dad are paying me in rent :-) woot woot for parents as landlords.

The single moms group is almost a go! Have to talk to Dean and work out details and then we are good to go.

Tomorrow is the last MOPS of the year :-( It has been such a huge blessing in my life! I am going to miss all the friends I have made. BUT at least I will get to see them at church and such! Just won't see them on Wednesday mornings so much.

My neck is a little burnt. After picking up little man from the sitter (which he only has a week and a half left of) we go for a walk around town and to the park. It is a lot of fun. He enjoys being outside and I get some exercise. He is such an outdoors boy. The crazy thing is though he doesn't get dirty like most kids. For example, when I picked him up from the sitter today he was playing in the rocks . . . BUT he was not sitting on the ground like a normal kid. He was sitting on a baseball glove :-) He is so cute! I need to post some new pictures. He is actually getting hair!

I am off to try and go to bed.
God Bless!

Motherhood is . . .

Kristen of We Are THAT Family asked what motherhood means to each one of us and to find a picture of just that.

Well I didn't have to think too hard about what picture I would choose.

This picture is of the very first time I got to hold my little man.

No matter the struggle or the hard times, motherhood is always worth it.