Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rockin' it!

The first week of classes is done!  Yay!  I survived!  I knew I would ;-)

I'm looking forward to this semester.  It will be a challenge but a good one.  I know it will be full of growth and stretching!

Today was day 10!  I rocked it out to the tune of forty-five minutes on mister elliptical at level two!

So I decided to buy a scale so I could weigh myself in the privacy of my own home.  Ten days ago I weighed myself at the scale the school has in one of the buildings.  I knew I was heavy and it pretty much confirmed that.  I did not get back on the scale because I wanted to wait until some results could be seen because weight fluctuates so much.  

Well I bought my own scale yesterday.  I got on it as soon as I was home and didn't believe the number it was telling me.  I knew it had to be off somehow.  I made a walk over to the first scale because maybe there was a difference in them.  NOPE!!!!!  They were the same!

I am very proud to announce and to give GOD all the glory for helping me to get moving, that I have lost 7 pounds!  It is a start. :-)  I realize it is water-weight and that most weeks will not be this dramatic and it will be hard work the rest of the way but WE (God and myself) got this!

"I got this!" is something I've been telling myself over and over because I do.  HE has equipped me with all the tools, I only must get to work.  

Another happy note:  I am picking up little man tomorrow!  Woohoo!


  1. Congrats on the scale victory Ally -- I know it feels great! On your journey,just remember that health is what is important -- you are not a number!! Love you girl.

  2. Thank you dear Jen! Health is what I am going for! Seeing the number drop is just a bonus! Love you