Monday, August 22, 2011

the curse

Migraine: wanting to cut ones head off to decrease the pain.

Headache: varies in intensity but can be anywhere from tolerable to almost the above.

Both of the above run in my family.  It is genetics and there isn't much that one can do.

Saturday morning I awoke with a headache.  This was slightly unusual.  Normally I'm pretty sure of the cause of my headaches - typically it is from weather fronts or eating a different or trigger food.  This one had me stumped.  I had thirty minutes of workout with my friend mister elliptical and had a pretty low-key day but could not shake the pain.  I finally went on a walk around five and that helped to keep my mind off the pain.  It stayed with me all night and I had trouble getting to sleep

Sunday morning it was still there but almost to the point of migraine.  Now if you have never experienced a migraine consider yourself very blessed!  It is some of the worst pain I have ever experienced.  I had plans on going to church but my head was telling me nope.  It was all I could do to make it to the restroom and back without feeling like my head would pop off.  

Sadly I had to stay home but I am guessing my body needed the rest because I slept until almost 1:30pm!  Once awake I felt much better.  I decided to workout (even though Sunday was going to be my off day, what can I say I'm loving it).  It feels amazing to do the thirty minutes on mister elliptical and not feel like passing out!  

After working out I showered and got ready for the new and returning non-traditional student picnic.  It was really fun chatting with old and new friends.  Being a non-traditional student puts you in an odd place for college but the school is so supportive of us and helps us with any needs we may have.  I love it!  I've never experienced a school quite like mine :-)

Once home I was able to see some of my good friends for a quick minute before heading to the store for some fruits and bread.  I ended up with some new things so we shall see how I like them.  A friend came over about midnight and we talked for two hours!  Good thing we didn't have classes to worry about today!  I felt the pain coming back last night but was hoping it was just from being tired.

Today, Monday, I woke up with a migraine and a slightly swollen eye.  I was in horrible pain and finally found some Excedrin Migraine.  I decided to suck it up and go workout with mister elliptical.  On the way there I was still in pain and hoping no one would be on the machine since the school only has one.  Amazingly there was no one on it so I hoped on and set to work for 45 minutes.

I have only done 30 minutes up until today but wanted to burn some extra time and calories ;-)  It was a great workout with lots of sweating!  My eye is no longer swollen and my migraine has died down to a tolerable (if not almost gone! *fingers crossed*) headache.  Thank you working out!

I wonder if my change in exercise and increased intake of water has anything to do with the headaches.  Not really sure but I hope my body adjusts quickly so I won't be waking up in pain.

A shower is in order most definitely.  I have my lovely MK meeting tonight and I am in charge of snacks so I need to figure that one out!  Tomorrow is the first day of school activities.  No actual classes but just making sure everything is in order.  Fun times!


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