Saturday, January 7, 2012

My ultimate helper

First off these views are solely my own and I take all responsibly for what is said.

In my last post, I talked about my journey to start taking back my life and living better.  The thing that has helped me the most has been MyFitnessPal.  A great friend told me about the website and I have now logged in for 140 days in a row!  Rock on!

It is a calorie tracker and overall amazing tool!!  You can keep track of all you eat and see nutritional info for everything.  The site helps you determine your calorie deficit, the amount of calories you can consume to lose weight.  You pick if you need to gain, maintain, or lose weight.  It is safe in that if you are under 1200 calories for the day it pops up with a warning and the site does not let you pick to drop more than two pounds per week.  You can track exercise.  You can connect with others and see inspiring stories.  I enjoy seeing others who have lost over 100 pounds and their before and after pictures.  It is completely free, which is incredible.  There is an app for smart phones.  I love my app.  It has been what has helped me the most.  I am able to scan my foods and it remembers the foods I eat the most.  You can create recipes, set the serving size, and see how many calories it would be.

Overall, if you are looking to track your food intake or maybe even lose some weight, I would recommend MyFitnessPal to anyone and everyone.

I got this.

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