Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fruit and Yogurt

I enjoy eating yogurt.  However eating all the extra junk that comes in the fun flavored kinds is not so enjoyable.  I decided to take a try at making my own flavors.  It was amazing!  I tried grapes and strawberries.  The berries definitely make a better overall flavor but I am super happy with the results.  All you need is some plain yogurt and your favorite fruits!

Grapes and Yogurt~

Get grapes

Cut grapes in half

Get plain yogurt

Add grapes to yogurt and mix! Yum!

Strawberries and Yogurt~

Get strawberries

Cut up strawberries

Get plain yogurt

Add strawberries to yogurt and mix!  Yum!

I've found, especially with the strawberries if you let the mix sit in the fridge a while the yogurt is not so overpowering.  It gives everything a chance to blend.  

This is just a way I'm looking at living life a little healthier :-)  

I got this!


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