Friday, August 13, 2010

God of food

Our Father in Heaven is the Lord of all.  He created everything and it all belongs to Him.

Even our food :-)

I've seen God a lot when it comes to our food.

In a previous post, I said we are no longer getting help with food from the government.  God would provide though and He has been!

Anyone that really knows me can tell you I drink a lot of milk.  I'm talking like a gallon every two days!  So I was a little concerned about how I would be able to cut that cost a bit.

One great thing about the store we shop at is the price matching!  I just have to look up ads and see who is having the sale and for how much.  

So I was getting my milk for decently priced for a few weeks until I was told nope sorry we don't price match that place (the same one I"d been using for a few weeks, silly I know).  BUT the cashier only charged us for two gallons instead of three!  Woohoo!!!

Just last week when little man and I were at the store we told the cashier about another sale but she rang up the milk at a much cheaper price!  

Now try and tell me He isn't in control!!!!! :-D  

Also my parents got me a new oven.  Now we can actually use the oven part of the stove!  This is money saving because we can make the big family meals in the oven (they wouldn't fit in the microwave) and have the meal for a few days as left overs!

To top it all off, my neighbor needed to clear out some room in her freezer for the half a cow her husband got :-)  So I got a few meals from her.  AND she gave me a pound of ground black angus beef!

God is sooooooooo good!


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