Friday, June 18, 2010

He will provide

This week has been a good week.

One of my bestest friends told me some very exciting news.  I am not going to say what it is just yet.  Plus I got to hang out with her quite a bit this week.  We went on some nice long walks.

My little sister got her hair cut.  How is that a good thing you might ask?  Well she donated it to Locks of Love.  It looks so cute and the cut off hair went to a great cause.

Little man can now say please :-)

A friend from elementary school is getting married next month and she had a bridal shower today.  It was so great to see her.  I went to school with her soon to be husband :-)  We actually dated for a bit haha!  But I love that we are still friends.  They are so cute together!  I couldn't be happier for them!

This weekend is what we call "family camping".  The majority of my momma's family gets together for a big camping trip.  LM and I will be going up there tomorrow morning.  We opted to sleep in our own beds tonight since we had the shower to go to until late tonight.  

Currently it is raining and thundering very hard.  :-)  I like summer storms such as these.  It is quite peaceful and gives my plants a good watering!  

In other not so great news (depending on how one looks at it), we were denied public assistance.  No food stamps for us.  When I first opened the letter it upset me a bit because we really could use the help but there is someone who is bigger than all of it.  God is in control.  There is a reason for not being able to get it.  Someone else who is far worse off will be able to use it more.  Even though I am without a job, I still have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food to eat.  When I told my mom about it she said something along the lines of "just keep living frugal like you already are but maybe reconsider the money you have going overseas."  My response is God will provide.  He called me to care for Filemon and that is what I'm going to do.  If it means no more eating out, fine.  No more movies, fine. No more random trips to the gas station, fine.  :-)  When I am saying "fine" I am not saying it in a negative tone; it's more "no problem!"  I mean it as He has total control and I am trusting Him! :-D  

Speaking of trusting Him, I continually have to take this back to the alter and give it back to God to handle.  I want a relationship badly.  I want a husband very much so.  BUT I know God has it all worked out already and is just waiting on me to "grow up".  Not in the literal sense, at least I don't think so, but in the spiritual sense.  I once heard, from I believe Danny on a sermon podcast I was listening to, that "If you think you have to have somebody to be somebody, you aren't ready for anybody."  Isn't that so true?  Just because we think it would change us to be married or have a child or whatever, one thing like that is not going to make that much difference.  We have to change on our own.  Marriage doesn't solve everything.  Nor does money, fame, schooling, relationships in general, etc.  

Next Thursday is a big day for me.  It is the day of my birth.  Twenty-three years ago at 7:15 pm my momma brought me into this world.  :-)

All next week my little sister will be gone at church camp.  I hope she has a great time.  I always did.  She goes to the same camp I went to when I was her age.  They now have air conditioned cabins.  She said last year some girls had to sleep in the "old" cabins that didn't have air.  I just laughed because when I went that is all we had!  There was no air conditioning!  I pray she will grow stronger in her faith and be more prepared to be an arrow for God!  Last year at camp is when she decided to be baptized!  

Mom and I will be painting her room lots of cool colors while she is gone!

I cannot recall what convicted me of this but I know why God has me where I am.  I am not needed halfway across the world like I think I should be.  I am needed here.  Right here in my little house in this little town with only one gas station and one flashing red stop light.  People need to hear the Word here.  God placed me here for a reason.  I'm unsure about how He wants me to go about it all but I know I am in the right place.  Kids walk down my road several times a day and maybe I can be a light for them.  Anything can happen with the Lord of Heaven and Earth in charge!

If you are reading this, I congratulate you!  This is a mighty long post :-)


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