Friday, February 5, 2010

Just because I can :-)

I just feel like posting pictures about us

last morning being prego

holding my baby for the first time

just an adorable picture of him less than a week old

the bib says it all!

little man's first Christmas

brown and blue ... can't go wrong!

big eyes!

little thug ;-)

first visit to Mozzi's!

grrrrrrr! Beware of the grass monster!

little man's footprint

my stud

looooooong boy

he loves to read already

he gets his big eyes from his momma

YAY!!!! His first birthday

our nativity scene for Christmas time

plaid is so his color!

driving his car he got from papa and granny nan for Christmas 2009

looks like he is taking a pic of himself :-)

his "thing" . . . sucks his thumb and plays with his hair
(unless mommy is holding him, then he plays with my hair)

didn't ya know toy boxes are awesome to sit in!?

AND plastic bowls make great hats!

Getting snow pictures with Aunt Abby

milk, it does a body good!

meal time is fun!

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