Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's your mission?

Little man is such a good boy.  We go on walks and he just enjoys the ride.  Although, he doesn't enjoy when we get home.  He always says "more, more, byebye, byebye."

I've decided to try out a menu plan for a few weeks.  I'm hoping it will help lower the grocery bill and keep down my trips to the store.  Also I'm going to keep track of all expenses this month so I can make a budget.

We are put on this earth to accomplish a mission.  Many make their mission to live a "good" life and enjoy as much as they can.  Others make their mission to work hard and earn lots of money.  I believe our mission as Christians is to bring in the harvest.  We still have to live in this world and survive but we need to reexamine what it takes to survive.

I'm working on letting go of self and living all for Him.  Not an easy thing and it will never be complete.

This is all for now
love anc

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