Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've been working on getting the clutter out of my life.  It is actually a great feeling!  We are picking up toys as we go along and the house is staying decently clean.  Makes me feel good.  Dishes are still not my favorite thing to keep up on but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  I'm so thankful to even have a sink to wash my dishes in!

I am trying something new with my hair.  :-)  It seems to be working great so far!  

Wanna know?  

I'm not using shampoo.  

At all.  


Baking soda and apple cider vinegar are it for me!  In just the few short days I've been using this "no shampoo" method, my hair is less frizzy and my curls look tons better!  I'm still in the adjustment period.  When we use shampoo, it takes all the essential oils out of our hair.  The more you shampoo the more this happens.  That is why your hair looks so greasy so quickly.  Your hair thinks it needs to produce lots of oil because the shampoo took it all away.  Using baking soda helps to keep the natural oils in your hair and still cleans it!  The vinegar is like a conditioner.  

Also I no longer use a brush on my hair or a towel.  I comb it with my fingers or a comb (depending on how tangled it is).  Using a t-shirt is supposed to be good for drying curly hair.  Instead of using a t-shirt, I've found a pillow case works great!  I just put my hair in and wrap it up lightly!  It is still the cotton material so it helps with frizzy and such.

I'll be posting pictures of my hair sometime soon.  Have to upload the pictures!

Little man used to go to bed around 7:30 or so but with it being so light out until 9 or later, it has made his bed time be pushed back a bit.  He is so cute!  He can say please now and it is the most adorable thing ever!  Also I painted "As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord Joshua 24:15" on a wall in the living room and he just loves for me to read it!  He enjoys reading in general but he really likes to look through his bible!  God has great plans for him!

I received the book One Million Arrows, and so far it is a very good book.  I'll do a little review of it when I finish it.

Lately I've been reading Acts.  Also reading Exodus, Job, and Luke :-)  Well I have bookmarks in all those spots.  Depending on the day and what God is pulling me toward determines what I read.  

This weekend my family is going camping.  It is my mom's side and we do this every year.  It should be lots of fun, as it always has been.

"Do you dress to show off your body? Or do you dress to please the Lord?"  A question to consider in today's culture.  We are called to higher standards as Christians.  Please the Lord in all you do!  Do not lead another astray by your actions!  

I am officially enrolled in classes for the fall.  God has given me such peace about it all!  I know that no matter what path I go down He can use me for His glory!  He needs all kinds of people!  Pastors, teachers, mechanics, small businesses, and even accountants!  I've always been good with numbers so hopefully this is the path that will bring Him the most glory and honor and help with the harvest!



  1. how do you put the apple cider and baking soda together? I'm curious to try it.

  2. You use two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with about a cup of water in the shower. I wet my hair really well and then mix the baking soda with water (I keep the cups in the shower). You massage with your fingertips the baking soda water mixture into your hair, focusing on your scalp to get all "dirt" out.

    Next when that is all washed out, you use about one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, depending on how long your hair is, and mix it with a cup of water. Take the ends of your hair and put them in the cup. You don't really want to get it all over your hair because it seems to make it look oily if you get it on the scalp. I pour it over the ends of my hair to help condition it.

    Hope that helps miss abby! I love it! Just have to get past this transition period.