Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mary Kay has change a lot of lives!

And it is changing mine!

I had an amazing conversation with a godly woman who I admire a week or so ago.

I told her my struggles with life, God, my business.  She helped me to see that I am so blessed!

I was having trouble trying to figure out why God brought Mary Kay into my life.  I still do not know exactly why but I know I can try to make it work for bettering His kingdom!

This business allows me the opportunity to support myself and little man yet still keep our values of God first, family second, and career third.  No where else would this be so easy.

My business allows me the chance to enter women's homes and bless them.  I can show them compassion and love in ways that some with only a bible cannot.  Mary Kay is my mission field!

Ready or not world here I come!  God is my business partner and my Lord!  We got this :-)

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