Monday, May 17, 2010

just have faith

God says for us to simply have faith in Him. Not money, not stuff, nothing but faith in Him.

That is not an easy thing. We are to be disciples and help to bring in the harvest! There will be persecution for us along the way as followers of Christ Jesus. Family, friends, the church . . . they may not understand. But we have a job to do while we are on this earth for this short time. Our treasure is in Heaven. Earth is just a pit stop or a camping ground along the way.

With HIS strength and HIS love we can pick up the cross and go to the lost, poor, and sick.

That is what God calls us to do as Christians. We are to go to the lost, the ones who do not know Christ. We are to help the poor, he gave us the resources so we need to use them to better HIS kingdom. NOT use them for more stuff! We need to help the sick, thousands die from malnutrition and PREVENTABLE diseases every day! So not cool.

It will seem like we have dove off the deep end to this secular world but God has plans for us. We love Him supremely and it will all work out.

Who did Jesus hang out with during His time on earth? The rich, religious pharisees? NO!!!!! He was with the prostitutes, tax collectors, sinners.

We need to live like Jesus.

Are we going to choose comfort or a cross? It is easy to choose comfort. We can turn the channel on our big screens so we don't have to see the suffering. We can simply not drive to that part of town that has poverty. We go on about our lives with stuff, stuff, and more stuff. A cross will not be easy. A cross will lead to persecution from the ones we love. It could even led to death. BUT we are already dead to this world if we are doing the will of Christ! Our treasure is not here! We are here only a short time.

I know I would much rather live for God for all its worth here and bring people to Him now than to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of this world and spend an eternity in damnation. Yes the road won't be painless but it is worth it when you look at the big picture.

If God is in your heart it won't feel like sacrificing or giving up the extra things in life, all the stuff we have. It will be giving to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in great need.

It is easy to go to God and ask, "Why all the suffering in this world? Why do You allow so much poverty, unfairness, hurt, and inequality?" I bet He would ask us the same thing.


  1. great post!! i like the last paragraph. makes you think. I miss you, and I really did fix the comment thingy ma bob this time :) <3

  2. hey hey! Sis Sis! It works!