Tuesday, May 11, 2010

give me Your eyes

If you only have one dollar to your name and are starving and standing outside McDonald's praying to God to take your starvation away, open your eyes! God gave you that dollar so go eat!

Heard this from a very good friend. Although God does have the power to heal, move, and fix us, sometimes He provides in other ways. So we need to open our eyes a little bit more.

Danny, our pastor at church, described our viewpoint verses God's viewpoint very well. You can check out the sermon here. Take a look through a paper towel roll. You can't really see much at all. That is how we see the world around us without prayer and without God in our life. Now imagine a fifty gallon container with the bottom cut out. Put that up to your eyes. You can see a LOT more! This is what happens for those who pray for God's view. It is like God's view of the world (His is unlimited of course but this is a good way to actually picture the difference). God can see the big picture. We may be asking for a snake and not even know it, but God does know. ~Luke 11:11-13~ This is why he doesn't give us everything. He knows the egg we are praying for and demanding is really a scorpion. Danny spoke on this as well, just click here.

It is so amazing how much you can see and hear God when you simply listen and be still, taking the time to look. He has really shown Himself to me the past few days. But I can also see the devil trying to tear us apart. Bad news mister devil, you ain't breaking us up! I love the Lord!

My little sister is amazing, as I've said before. She feels God moving her but she isn't sure how He is going to use her for this awesome thing she knows is gonna happen. She is twelve! Her faith is such an inspiration. After church on Sunday we stopped in to talk to the middle school minister, Kenny. He is so cool! He helped her out a lot and even helped me! He wasn't speaking "to" me but God sure was :-)

God's will and the will of the world are a hard thing to mix together. It is a constant battle to figure out. We can't sit on our behinds and wait for jobs or schooling or spouses. God gave us choices. We have to start down a path, any path and He will help us along. Maybe you are unsure of a choice (I know I sure am) but sitting around waiting for something to drop from the sky isn't an option.

So having had that in my mind, I am going back to school in the fall or maybe even this summer! I've been praying A LOT about what God's will is for my life. I know I am meant to be a mom but since I am single, it is not possible to sit at home all the time with little man. We need income to support us.

I've always been good in math and science, it's how my brian is wired. Therefore I am going to be going to school for accounting! I feel at peace with the decision and know God is all I need to get through this! Plus my mom is happy I'm getting my behind in gear again.

Little man has NOT had a fever again! I am so thankful for all the prayers! He is almost eighteen months old! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Where has the last year and a half gone?! He amazes me more and more everyday. I am so thankful to God for the blessing He gave me in little man. Here are some pictures :-)

He is so handsome.

He looks great in hats!

Most recent of us.

Although I was caught up in the problems life has been giving, the ball is in motion to get the moms group set up! Thanks to a great friend for being there to remind me about it! Hopefully we can start in June.

Putting your faith and trust in God seems easy enough but it is not so easy in this messed up world we live in. We have to be in constant communication with the Lord so that we can stay in His will.

I just love Him so much! He blesses us in so many ways!

Love through Christ,

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