Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Man is TWO

Little man is really living up to his name!  He looks so cute and grown up.  His vocabulary is ever expanding and people say he sounds very clear when he speaks.  Of course I think that cuz I'm around him all the time and well I'm his mommy!

Just like a little man

He has several grandmas and grandpas and here are their various names:
Papa Chew
Great Grandma
Grandma Yoyo
Papa Dale
Papa J
Granny Lou

LM is covered in the grandparent department!  He gets all the loving he can handle!

We didn't do anything for his birthday.  I know horrible mother am I!  But really he is two and doesn't know.  No need to buy necessary things when he won't care either way.

I am teaching LM about our Father in heaven.  :-D  We pray at random times and before most meals.  I simply hold his hands and say "Dear God thank you for this food.  Make our bodies strong.  Amen"  and then he has to say Amen.  It is adorable!  Most of the time he wants to pray for each thing on his plate.  At night we will pray for everything from the pillow to our neighbors.  I know God finds great joy in this!

We do have our struggles but He is helping us make it through the days!


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