Monday, April 26, 2010

What's on the Heart

As I type this little man is screaming and crying. :-( He does not want to go to bed. He wants his momma. I don't mind holding him until he is almost asleep but this screaming is so hard to deal with. I want to hold him but I know he needs to learn to go to sleep on his own :-(

I'm trying to figure out what God is calling me to do and it's not easy. I don't expect it to be because the devil likes to knock us off the narrow path. Prayer and time in the Word will be the only way to figure it all out. As of right now the plan is to go back to school in the fall for something that I know is not what I want to do for the rest of my life and isn't my true calling. A post in the church bulletin spoke to me but I need to get more information on it. Not sure if I meet the qualifications.

A very dear friend of mine, basically a sister, is unsure of things as well. It is always nice to know someone is in the same boat and we can be in prayer for each other.

more to come later

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